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Grassroots organizers: What are your needs? What works well for you?

stylized question marksLater this month I'm doing a presentation at Open Source Bridge called Grassroots activism is hard. Can open source help? Here's an excerpt from the description:
Grassroots activists have to deal with many challenges - including the tools they’re using.... This session will survey progressive and transpartisan grassroots activists’ needs and today’s solutions  (including techniques that work for explicitly intersectional groups)
So I'd love to hear your perspectives!  If you don't mind surveys, here's a spiffy form to collect feedback. Or, read on for some questions (feel free to answer one or all) and how to respond
  • What kinds of activities does your group do online? For example: publicize events, send out daily/weekly actions, help people learn organizing skills, provide anti-racism or ally training, share and discuss news, develop strategy and tactics, collaborate with other groups, have video conferences, …
  • Which of these do you think your group does particularly well? How do you do it?
  • What do group’s members use for online discussion: email, Facebook, a forum, Slack or some other chat system, … ? What works well, and what could be better?
  • Online discussions on issues related to race, gender, class, disability, and the intersections between them often grow heated. What techniques does your group use to help here? For example: online or in-person workshops or training, encourage a "call-in" culture, treat some topics as off-limits, review communications for inclusive language, ...
  • What are some things your group does well online that others could learn from?
  • What projects do you look to as leaders and role models, either for how they organize, or for how they create an inclusive environment?
You can reply as a comment here (anonymous comments are allowed, at least for now) or using the frorm here.  Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Mastodon options coming soon!